Amor Vida : Love Life Day 343

Sunday Me-Time

It was a much awaited Sunday. I spent most of the day contemplating and staying connected to my inner silence. I think I would love to go days without uttering a word. Lets see.

I tried something new this time and I feel that you can give it a try too. So, to get into the details – I am a planner. From as long as I remember myself, I loved planning and it was all about goals and never about the actual execution of things which would lead me to the goal. Three years ago, when I actually realized this problem in my planning, I switched my thought from goal to actions. That is when I realized that I over plan.

But even though I reduced the goals to bites for me to have time to action on them, I was still over planning. Hence, last year, I ended up straining myself a lot with trying to achieve everything at the same time. So, this time, I changed my process.

Last night, till 4 AM in the morning, I brainstormed all the things that I want to get done in the coming year. Now, I have to choose any two major one’s which will be my motto for the year 2018 and then I need to find a window of time for all the other things. I also have to do a tough job of letting go of some goal.

This is a new process for me and I really wish this would help me in achieving what I must achieve.



Author: sheetalspage

I am a true nomadic at heart. I never really felt connected with the normal day to day life and felt whats wrong with everyone around who are running behind ducks in row. I wondered about the meaning of life and I am still wondering. This blog is an attempt to understand my role in all this jazz around me. To cut the crap, I love to travel and have lived in 4 states until this date but i guess that’s not enough to satisfy my urges of travelling and exploring. Hence I have dedicated this year, 2015 to this purpose. Now but ofcourse, I can not go backpacking due to lot of normal obligations but I guess times have changed and people can still find pleasure in small pockets. Hence, I hope I will be able to do get leaves, save enough money for travel and explain this to my folks. Here is to a new beginning. Cheers!

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