There are thousand stories left unsaid.

It all lies cold in my heart.

Thousand more which I can say out loud.

But can someone really get their part?

Morning tries to wake up the inner desires and along I go but the beast is awakened with the passing hours.

Thousand days and nights have gone with me sitting by my side all along.

But so I wish…

So I wish to be heard for long.

At the dawn today when I am sitting at my bed alone, I will pray to the powers to send me those ears who would listen for long.


We are wired

Why we suffer?

High aims, dreams, passion, desires, goals, achievements, love, relationships, true friendships, casual dates, romance, siblings, parents, associates, food fetish, shoe fetish, shopaholics, depression, heartbreaks, business loss, recession, appraisal, demotion, enemies, frienemies, TV shoes, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, new ideas, travel dreams, children, marriage, sex, spa, soul music, alcohol, pizza mania = Almost Life

Is that all to life? I think so. Thats all we think about almost everyday. Almost all of us have something to keep us happy and other things to make us realize what keeps us happy. But end of the day, whats the whole point? Who the hell are we really?

What if we never saw any television from childhood and attended a school where no one saw any television then how would we be? I have no idea what kind of person I will be but today I feel very below average person who is dreaming of little things in life which looks so daunting right now. All these thoughts came crashing after accidentally listening to this song from a YouTube series called “Little Things”. I had watched its first and only season last year and it is the nicest thing I have seen in years maybe but I have to agree that every-time I used to watch that I would feel extremely sad. Its funny and it teaches you the importance of little things in life which actually means a lot. And when I watch it, I realize that I have big goals etc but I have screwed up in the little things department. I mean where did it go wrong? I have no idea. Nevertheless, I am sure a lot of us are in the zone where the small, unnoticed things are not being valued so I would say watch this and feel blessed to have that small gift of life. So here’s the song which caused me to suffer – Little Things

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It’s Not for us to say
What will be
And at the end of the day
We’ll see
which way the whole thing bends
And what it could bring
‘coz nothing really matters
‘cept the little things

Some say it works like this,
Maybe it’s true,
But the truth can lie sometimes,
That’s faith for you,
Let the preachers talk,
and we could sing
The song for survival
make sure it swings

We are not perfect, we are not slick
We don’t steal , just like thieves we are thick
we walk our talk and we sing
The song for survival make sure it swings
It’s not for us to say
What will be and
at the end of the day
we’ll see
Which way the whole thing bends
And what it could bring
‘coz nothing really matters
If we could swing
with the little things.